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My team and I are dedicated to your success and helping Millennials and Corporate America co-exist!! Want to know how we can help you or your organization? Subscribe today or scroll below to read more!

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The AG

Building Career Champions, One Millennial At A Time!

Are you a Millennial or a “Millie” professional needing guidance on how to guide your career? Are you a Millie college student wondering what your next step should be and how on earth you’ll make enough to pay off those student loans? Are you a company who employs Millies and want to know how to keep them engaged?

If you answered yes to any of those questions and others like them, then you’re in the right place!!

The Aziza Group (The AG for the cool kids) was created to address all Millie and corporate-related concerns. I’m confident we can help you cure your headaches revolving around the corporate workspace and we’re passionate about your success!

Who am we exactly? Click below to find out!

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Who are our clients?


Stressed about what to do after you don the cap and gown? No worries, we’ve got you covered! My team works with students to discover their purpose and the next chapter of their lives…all while making sure you make enough to pay back your student loans!


By 2025 75% of the workforce will be Millennials…Are you prepared?

You will be by the time we’re finished helping you! My team and I develop solutions to increase Millennial retention and Employee Engagement levels. We will teach you how to recruit, hire, train and retain the best and brightest of the Millennial Professionals all while providing easy to implement and practical answers to your Millennial questions.


From line-level supervisors to C-suite executives, we translate Millennial needs and design tailored programs to help your managers maximize their strengths and manage Millennials in a manner that’s painless for them!


My team and I will elevate your career game to a whole new level!! From resume-writing, interviewing skills, negotiating salary, career navigation, and confidence in the workplace, our coaching keeps your career the hottest in your industry!