The Aziza Group was founded by Amber Aziza, an award-winning Workplace Learning Professional with a passion for helping others love what they do! Along with a dedicated team of Workforce Development experts, Amber has taken her excitement for Employee Engagement and formed The Aziza Group.

The Aziza Group is a consulting firm that combines a passion and expertise for Personal & Professional Development and Training. Our amazing group of specialists form four distinct teams, each with their own focus:




The Aziza Group has helped organizations create strategies to address turnover and productivity by assessing engagement levels and company culture. Our Workforce Development team seek to develop solutions to increase retention and Employee Engagement levels. Specializing in Multi-Generation Workforces, this team creates training and initiatives to appeal to workers from all walks of life!


Our Career Champions team creates just that…Career Champions! What is a Career Champion? A Career Champion is an all-around corporate master! They are:

  •  Confident in the workplace
  • Knowledgeable on how to best leverage their strengths
  • Resume and Interview pros
  • Able to successfully navigate the workplace

The Career Champion team focuses on resume writing, interviewing skills, career navigation, and confidence in the workplace. We also assist individual professionals in re-inventing their careers, understanding workplace culture, and expanding their personal development efforts.


Our Management Solutions team focuses on developing managers on all levels. From line-level supervisors to C-suite executives, this team works to analyze areas of improvement in management and designs tailored programs to help your managers maximize their strengths! We also provide teambuilding workshops and management retreats.

This team specializes in Millennial Managers and Management. Their research and experiences have built our sister company www.MyGenYManager.com, a website dedicated to Millennial Managers and those hungry to understand the fastest growing, most educated generation in the workplace.  Videos, interviews, blogs, and articles fill the site with insights and management jewels geared toward Generation Y. My Gen Y Manager launches January 2014!


Our Student Development team works with students and their families to discover their purpose and their next step in their education career. We help students understand their passion and build career paths to allow their dreams to be realized.